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AI assisted Teaching and ​Learning Solution

Imagine the world where students ​get a personalized AI assistant for ​FREE with whom they can chat and ​discuss all doubts they have for their ​studies. Also having a tutor to ​explain them the overall topics.

In KonceptKlear, we aim to bring this ​to reality.

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How it works

Explore the topics

Select questions to ask

Review the answers ​generated by bot and ​append to db

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Answers tailored to clear the ​concepts using techniques like ​knowledge graphs, infogrphics and ​visuals

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Connect with students for more doubts

Conduct tutions for students who opt for it

Salient Features


Tutors on-boarding

Tutors can upload their resume write ​a quiz and join our platform hassle-​free

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AI bot

AI bot customized to provide best ​explanations with visuals, graphs etc.. ​with the aim to clear the concept

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Students on-boarding

Students can join our platform for ​FREE.

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Group tuitions

Tutors can solve students doubts ​and also promote their group ​tuition

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CBSE Curriculum

Complate CBSE curriculum for ​grade 6 to 9

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Collaborative learning

Students can connect with like-​minded individuals and do group ​learning

Dh​ruv Tiwari


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About Us​

Technologist with a vision to redefine education and ​make it what it is meant to be, make students ​knowledgeable and future leaders utilizing their ​intellectual to create change in the society. Having a first ​hand experience with the Indian education system and ​its problems, Dhruv decided to use his interests to bring​ effectiveness, efficiency and equality into the education.​

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